Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee has many tasks beyond the Sunday morning classes for adults(8:30am) and children which meet during the academic year but not during summer months.  The committee contracts with a college student to lead junior worship for younger children who leave the morning worship part way through the hour for some age-appropriate activities during later portion of the worship service.
It also oversees the Hanover Community Preschool which functions with a separate board of directors made up equally of church members and parents with some community members, too.  The CE Committee makes all determinations of scholarship to needy families in the preschool. Memorials and other donations for scholarships are maintained in a separate savings account by the preschool treasurer for this purpose.  Through the CE Committee our church participates in a wider area Vacation Bible School program each summer providing volunteers and funding.  Each year we acknowledge our teachers and honor our high school and college graduates in May.

Members of the CE committee in 2020include:
chair Flower Shaffstall, Ann Kirkland, Molly Jones, and Janet Lowry

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